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10 Proven Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

Boost your metabolismThese simple lifestyle changes will boost your metabolism, help you lose fat quickly and  ensure that you keep it off.

It’s a proven fact that increasing your metabolic rate can speed up your fat burning process and help you lose weight quick. And the key to changing your metabolism is to combine the most effective exercise, dieting and supplementation methods in a manner that creates synergy and unwavering weight loss momentum. Just like a finely tuned engine that runs at its own perfect speed, your body will do the same, and you’ll lose weight naturally.

Learning to control your metabolism can make all the difference in achieving a healthier lifestyle, and it’s not as difficult as you may think. If you want to leverage your training program or get rid of that stubborn couple of pounds that never seems to come off or if you just desire to look slimmer, fit into that new outfit and simply feel proud of the way you look, here are 10 proven ways to help you achieve just that.

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1. Eat a large, protein-rich breakfast

According to a number of studies, your metabolism naturally slows down to around 30% while you sleep. Eating a healthy breakfast “wakes up” the process of metabolism and causes it to pick up the pace. Make a point of eating a good-sized breakfast that contains lots of protein such as lean meat, egg whites, protein powder, and so on. This is the most important meal of the day, particularly if you are trying to both lose weight quick and lose weight naturally, in a fundamentally healthy way.

2. Fuel up with water

Drinking at least a gallon of water per day is a proven way to rev up your metabolism, burn fat faster and control hunger. Make it a habit to drink lots of water in the form of pure natural water, seltzer with lemon or lime juice, sugar-free teas, and so forth. Another point to remember is that cold water is more effective at increasing your metabolic rate as a result of the body’s attempts to heat up the fluid. So make sure that the water you are drinking is icy cold.

3. Turn up the heat with spices

According to some studies, extremely spicy foods can boost your metabolic rate temporarily. Just about all spices contain chemical compounds that can boost your metabolism. Many of them have lots of additional health benefits as well. So, spice up your scrambled eggs with minced jalapeño and heat up the beef stew with chili pepper. If your taste allows, then you’re free to go as far as you please with this one.

4. Power up with protein

Protein is a good buddy to a speedy metabolism. It contains plenty of amino acids, which are harder for the body to process than carbohydrates or fat. As a result, the body utilizes more energy to break down such foods. Simply put, increasing the calories that come from protein in your diet can help rev up your metabolism. A few lean sources of protein include chicken, fish, yogurt, legumes and low-fat dairy products. Of course trimming back sensibly on carbohydrates at the same time will amplify this effect.

5. Drink green tea before working out

Drinking green tea offers the mutual benefits of catechins and caffeine, substances known to boost the metabolic rate within a couple hours. Two or three cups of green tea consumed before exercise can significantly improve both workout intensity and your results. Green tea contains enough natural caffeine to boost your energy levels without leaving you feeling frazzled.

6. Add a bit of muscle

The body always burns calories, even when you’re idle and even while you sleep. This hidden metabolic rate is often much higher in individuals with more muscle. Adding just 5-10 pounds of lean muscle mass can therefore increase your resting metabolism considerably, and as a result you’ll burn fat more quickly. In lieu of adding muscle mass, you can also perform resistance training to activate your existing muscles, which in turn will increase your metabolic rate, and again, help you lose fat quickly.

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7. Snack throughout the day

Each time you eat, you actually stimulate your metabolism for a short time, so the more often you eat, the more you will increase your metabolism. Having a healthy snack every 3 – 4 hours keeps your metabolic rate cranking, enabling you to burn more calories a day. In addition, snacking will make you feel fuller and shun the urge to gorge yourself. Of course, low calorie and healthy snacks high in protein should be consumed, rather than foods with lots of fat and sugar.

8. Deep breathing

Oxygen is essential for healthy metabolism. It is what your body needs in order to function and keep all systems working efficiently. In this regard, doing deep breathing exercises can certainly help in optimizing your metabolic health. You can even learn a few breathing techniques that will teach you the best way to exhale and inhale in order to get more oxygen. In addition, deep breathing is a sure-fire way to help reduce your stress levels.

9. Step up your workout

Aerobic exercise might not build huge muscles, but can increase your metabolic rate after a workout. Maximize the number of calories you burn after workout by incorporating high-intensity intervals into your exercises. Alternate three minutes of moderate-intensity biking or running with 30 seconds of maximum effort. High-intensity workouts deliver a better, longer boost in resting metabolism than moderate-intensity exercises.

10. Hit the hay

Skimping on sleep can impinge on your metabolism. According to some researchers, the amount of calories the body burns while resting corresponds to about 60-75% of the overall daily calorie burning you do. Lack of sleep reduces the amount of calories your body burns, which becomes a serious obstacle to weight loss. So you need to give your body the rest it deserves.

These are 10 proven and easy ways to jump start your metabolism quickly and promote high energy levels to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Small changes, even in simple everyday habits can have a colossal impact on your metabolism as well as your weight loss goals. You can control your metabolism if you implement these tactics and just take things one step at a time. And once you have control over your metabolism, you’ll begin to lose weight naturally.

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