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7 Tips For Controlling Your Hunger

Controlling your hungerControlling hunger is an important part of your fast weight loss program.

So if you are trying to lose weight through exercising and dieting, you need to learn how to control hunger pangs. Feeling hungry is normal, but when hunger controls you and forces you to eat constantly, it can be an obstacle to your weight loss motivation and goals.

Keeping your hunger tamed can be hard, especially when you are trying to lose weight and are often consuming in a calorie deficit. However, with a bit of commitment and self control, you can have your cravings tamed effectively. Below are 7 tips to help control your hunger and prevent cravings.

1. Consume foods that are full of protein

Eating high protein foods will greatly help to manage fluctuations in blood glucose levels, control hunger and leave you more full and content after every meal. A good way to incorporate protein into your meal is to consume protein sources like chicken, egg whites, turkey, fish, whey protein or tuna. A side salad and a well grilled chicken breast can make an excellent snack to keep your hunger levels under control for a couple of hours before your next meal. If you make an effort to consume a complete meal rich in protein regularly, you’ll see the difference in food cravings and hunger levels and develop a healthy appetite.

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2. Consume fiber rich foods

Foods that are high in fiber will leave you feeling full and also improve your digestive health. Consuming fiber slows down glucose from flowing into the bloodstream, so you’ll feel full longer. Fruits, vegetables and legumes are high in fiber so you need to incorporate them into your daily diet to suppress your cravings.

3. Chewing gums

Whenever you feel hungry between meals, chew a sugar-free chewing gum rather than eating unhealthy junk foods. The refreshing and minty flavor of the chewing gum will greatly help you suppress an overactive craving and shift your mind away from food. In addition, the mint taste will make any foods you might eat immediately after the chewing gum a lot less enticing.

4. Exercise

Another excellent way to help control your hunger hormones and lose weight is exercise. Whenever you start feeling hungry, challenge yourself with short bursts of exercise. Moderate-intensity exercises such as walking can help activate insulin sensitivity thus prevent increased hunger and overeating. In addition, exercise helps to reinforce your self-control and this can be crucial to your weight loss motivation.

5. Drink plenty of water

Water is one of the most powerful hunger suppressants. Since dehydration is always mistaken for hunger, try drinking a few glasses of water the moment you start feeling hungry. Water will fill up your stomach and satisfy your psychological desire to eat something. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is also important to keep your body hydrated. When the body is dehydrated, it can induce hunger. On the other hand, drinking two liters of water can actually burn 96 calories.

6. Eat at schedule times

Your heaviest meal of the day is influenced by ghrelin, a hormone produced in the pancreas which stimulates hunger. Studies show that it doesn’t matter how often you eat; what is really important is to eat at regularly scheduled intervals. For instance, if you usually eat lunch at 1:00pm, but you decide to eat at 12:00pm on a particular day, it’s likely that you’ll feel hungry again at 1:00 pm. This is because your ghrelin levels are cyclically higher at that particular time of the day. By eating at frequently scheduled intervals, you create a hunger pattern that you can easily control.

7. Get enough sleep

Sleep plays a central role in controlling hunger hormones. Studies show that people who don’t get enough sleep weigh more than people who get enough sleep. By adapting to a regular sleep schedule where you sleep for at least 7 hours, you increase your chances of having high leptin levels, reducing ghrelin levels, as well as controlling your hunger hormones. Sleep is really a powerful element when trying to lose weight.

The challenge of keeping your appetite tamed can be minimized by taking these actions to control your hunger hormones. They range from eating your meals at regular scheduled times and getting enough sleep to making exercise part of your weight loss regime. These 7 useful tips will make sure that you are giving yourself an upper hand to control hunger, follow a healthy diet and succeed in your fast weight loss program.

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