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7 Ways To Get Motivation To Exercise

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Everybody knows that getting fit is important for our overall health – not just now, but for the long term.

Undoubtedly there are a percentage of people that love nothing more than going to the gym for a long workout, or going out for a run and see it as fun. However, most people find it hard to just get started with regular exercise. In fact, studies have shown that the psychological difficulty for some people to exercise can be likened to the difficulty to quit bad habits, even as difficult as it is for some to quit smoking. It’s therefore essential that one develops a solid motivational base to see an exercise plan through. So what follows are 7 ways to get motivation to exercise which, if implemented consistently, will keep you on track to achieve your exercise and health goals.

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1. Find yourself a role model who is healthy and fit.

By finding someone who you are inspired by you will find it easier to start an exercise plan. This does not have to be a famous person, but can be a relative or a friend who managed to go from being unhealthy to being fit. This lets you see that if they could do it, then there is no reason why you cannot do so as well. Keep using them as your yardstick so you continue your exercise plan. By reading about, hearing about and seeing first-hand the weight loss success stories of others, you will understand that it can be yours as well.

2. Do not set the bar too high.

A problem that people tend to have is that they set themselves a target that will actually take a long while to achieve. It’s been shown that short term goals of two, three and four months have a much higher chance of being achieved than setting a long term goal. When the goal appears to be far away it is harder to get the motivation to actually work towards it. Instead, set yourself lower targets that you can achieve quite quickly. For example, perhaps have the target of working out a certain number of times per week or a target of spending ten minutes on a treadmill, and then build from that base.

3. Find and exercise buddy.

It makes life so much easier if you have a friend that has the same aspirations as you do and is willing to exercise with you. When you both commit to a plan and do it together, the one will encourage the other on down days and vice versa. You’ll find it harder to miss out on a session if your training partner is there as you will not want to let them down. Also, you’ll look forward to the social opportunity to get together, and sharing these moments is a great way to expand a friendship and deepen those bonds.

4. Make it fun!

If you hate the idea of pounding the streets every exercise day, then mix it up. Look at changing your routine rather than doing the same things time and time again because as soon as it gets repetitive you will be less likely to look forward to getting ready for your workout. If you enjoy bicycling, center most of your exercise around biking, but add jogging and weight-training days. Likewise, if you enjoy hiking, base your plan around your hiking days, etc.

5. Join exercise classes in advance.

Find out what exercise classes are running at your local gym and sign up for them in advance, and then use that target date as motivation to begin your program. People tend to avoid backing out of something if others expect them to be there. And if there’s a cost involved, that will also be a motivator. People more easily quit when something is free. It’s just basic human nature, and understanding this simple trait can help you stay motivated. So look at joining a spinning class or whatever suits you and then force yourself to go.

6. Avoid looking at it as being hard work.

The engineering equation for Work is Force x Distance. So surely any exercise is work. But the beauty is that if you keep the right perspective and keep your goals in mind, you’ll find that nothing good ever comes without some amount of force. As soon as you apply a force, things begin to move – and that’s how you’ll see results. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who wished they didn’t just finish exercising! This is because exercising releases endorphins, invigorates your body and mind and gives you an instant boost in self-worth and confidence. Stay on track by avoiding the negativity of seeing exercise as hard work. Instead, remember that you are not training for some event as a professional, but you are doing it to help your health and live happier and longer.

7. Reward yourself.

Finally, set up some reward system for yourself when you achieve different goals that you have set up in advance. As successive goals get harder to achieve make sure that your reward increases the same way, but be disciplined and only give yourself the reward when you truly do reach your milestone. Remember, the greatest promise that you’ll ever keep is one you make to yourself.

These 7 tips to get motivation to exercise will ensure that you achieve your exercise and health goals and become one of the many weight loss success stories. The best thing to do is to decide that it’s time for you to start exercising today. Then find a friend who is willing to commit to join you. Then determine your exercise plan, whether it’s an aerobics class at the local gym, a home weight training plan, bicycling a few days per week, swimming at the local rec center or taking up a sport such as softball, tennis or even karate. Whatever you do, as long as you do it diligently over time will no doubt give you positive results. And in time you will see yourself losing weight and getting fitter and on your way to living longer and happier.

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