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Top 10 Tips For Maintaining A Positive Attitude In Your Weight Loss Workout Plan

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Loss of motivation is a major reason why people give up their weight loss workout plan before reaching their desired goal.

Whether you are trying to lose weight, maintain a diet, or just trying to get some regular exercise in order to be in better overall health, maintaining a positive attitude is essential to your success. Using the following ten tips will leverage time in your favor and can ensure that you reach your goal, so be sure to work as many of them as possible into your day and start to benefit right away.

1. Don’t do it on your own.

Trying to stay consistent with your weight loss workout plan is always easier when you do it with another person rather than going it alone. When you commit to something together, it gives you a personal bond which is something we all desire by human nature. You can also feed off of each others energy; when one is struggling the other can give them that boost or pep talk to get them through it, and when you see how well somebody else is doing, it inspires you to stick with the exercise plan because you can see the results. Plus, it’s just plain more fun to share your aspirations and successes with someone you respect and admire.

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2. Avoid being too critical of yourself.

We’re often guilty of being too critical of ourselves for not meeting our goals, which can lead to us to believe that we are failing. The key is not to punish yourself if you make a mistake or don’t reach a milestone. Instead, learn from your mistake, move on and satisfy yourself that you’re now equipped with the knowledge you need so that it won’t happen again. This is called growing and we all need to do it.

3. Be realistic with your goals.

Sure, you want to lose that certain amount of weight or set that personal best time, or lift your record weight – and you want to do it all yesterday. But in order to keep a positive attitude you should never set the bar too high to start with. It’s much more effective to set yourself a series of small targets and when you reach one, systematically move on to the next in line and continue to do so in order to make consistent, measurable progress. We automatically work better if we feel we are getting somewhere, so if you are losing weight, then make that first pound your target or lift that certain weight, but do not push yourself too hard. There’s a saying that “force negates”, meaning if you push too hard, whatever you’re pushing pushes back! Learn to master this threshold and you’ll move forward much faster.

4. Reward yourself after reaching goals.

When you reach each target, do reward yourself in some way. Also, consider increasing the size of the reward according to the size of the target. Promise yourself that you will buy something nice or treat yourself to a day out somewhere, but only when you get to that target, because as soon as you get that reward you will stay positive and look forward to the next one.

5. Mix it up.

Another old saying is “variety is the spice of life”, and it’s even more true when you’re facing a challenge that requires effort, consistency and patience. People often lose their motivation or positive mind-set when boredom sets in, be sure your weight loss workout plan implements some cross training or make sure that the diet you are following does not include the same meals every single day. By keeping things fresh you’ll avoid growing bored and you find it much easier to stick to your plan and ultimately get the results you desire.

6. Keep a diary and make entries daily.

Keeping a diary and noting down what you did each day is a great way to maintain your positive attitude and should be an integral part of your weight loss workout plan. Keeping track of your daily successes and accomplishments is extremely motivating because we often forget much of what we accomplish during the day and when we take the time to reflect on them we realize the significance of our efforts. And when you hit a day where you feel you are getting nowhere, you can read your diary and see your progress over the last few days, weeks, or months and know that your success is coming if you just weather the day’s storm and stay the course. There is no doubt that when you see that you have actually done very well that you will get a lift and that motivation that had disappeared will come roaring back.

7. Choose a role model.

Find somebody, an inspirational figure that was once overweight or unfit, but now looks fantastic. This can be someone one you know personally, or a complete stranger, a celebrity, etc. If possible, keep their before and after photographs, sort of like a dream board, in front of you as you exercise to remind yourself that amazing things can be achieved. On down days go back over the story of this inspirational figure and use it to motivate yourself and to get back on track.

8. Know that the benefits outweigh the negatives.

At those points where you are struggling, you must maintain your mental strength and not give in to emotion. Remind yourself of the reason why you are doing all of this in the first place – the months or years of anguish you’ve gone through, and how you finally decided to make a change once and for all. You know you’ll have your down day, it’s no reason to quit, and that just sticking with it, even if you scale down for a day or two, will be worth it down the road. Thinking these positive truths will lift your spirits and inspire you into get back on that diet or back in the gym. Quite often we start working out or going on a diet because we feel bad about some part of us, so reminding ourselves of what the benefits will be of continuing down this path inspires us to stick with it until we achieve our goals.

9. Predict negative thoughts in advance and reverse them.

This approach is quite clever because it involves you sitting down in advance and thinking of all of the negative things that you know you will come up with when the times get tough and counteract them before you even start your workouts or diet plan. Get them all down on paper and next to each, re-write the reason that they are wrong or untrue or that they no longer will matter. The idea here is to nullify the negative thoughts as soon as they come into your head by replacing them with a more positive mantra before they can take hold in your mind and destroy your positive attitude.

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10. Make it fun and not like a chore.

Finally, you need to make working out or dieting fun! Be creative and integrate fun activities, or music, or whatever works for you to your weight loss workout plan. You’ll leverage the positive attitude in you and avoid making your workout seem like a chore. By making it fun you will enjoy doing it and when we enjoy doing something we always feel more positive.

Those are our top 10 tips for maintaining a positive attitude in your weight loss workout plan.

There is nothing complex about these tips, but every single one has helped others to stay positive even when those around them have already quit. Yes you are going to have some highs and lows as you exercise or try to lose weight, and that is entirely normal. However, using these tips you will be in a better position to get over the stumbling blocks and continue to reap the benefits both now and in the future.

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