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Weight Loss Affirmations: A Key To Your Success

Weight loss affirmationsEffective use of affirmations can help support your weight loss motivation

What do you think of when you hear the word affirmation? Do you think of wishful thinking? If you do, then you are not alone. Many people misunderstand the value of an affirmation.

Affirmations are an part of everyday life, whether you know it or not, so it’s important to understand how to make them work for you. When it comes to weight loss, affirmations have a huge impact on whether you achieve your goals or not. Following are five reasons why weight loss affirmations are one key to your success.

1. What You Affirm, You Believe

When you say an affirmation, you are claiming that you believe something to be true. For instance, if you affirm that you are not going to be able to resist overeating at a party that you are attending, then you are telling yourself that you believe you are not going to be able to resist.

We all know that not believing in ourselves is a one-way ticket to failure. Even a tiny disbelief about our weight loss abilities can cause us to form more negative beliefs about ourselves. It can have a snowball effect, and soon we don’t believe in ourselves at all. This is when we throw our hands in the air and give up completely.

The good news is that the converse is true! If you want to help yourself believe in your ability to succeed, then affirm positive things. For instance, a better affirmation would be that you will not overeat at the party. This affirmation will help you to believe that you can avoid overeating, and therefore give you the strength to eat a sensible amount.

2. Affirmations Can Become Permanent

One of the biggest problems with affirmations is that they are not always fully believed at the onset. It is hard to change our beliefs by telling ourselves something once, considering we’ve built up our beliefs by telling ourselves something repeatedly for years, maybe even decades. This is why you have to keep affirming positive things about yourself and your weight loss until your subconscious mind takes hold. Then you really do believe it.

Beliefs are formed with time, but it doesn’t take as much time as you may think. Beliefs, like habits, take about three weeks to form when the mind is properly trained. The brain needs time to rewire itself. This is why you will often hear that you need to keep affirming something to yourself whether you fully believe it or not.

Think of it this way: You may yet not fully believe that you can lose weight, but if you take three weeks to rewire your brain and empower yourself to really believe your positive weight loss affirmations, then your weight loss motivation will increase and your chances of success will increase dramatically.

3. What You Affirm You Feel

Your thoughts have a direct influence on your feelings, and an affirmation is a thought. If you affirm that you have you no willpower, then you will feel that you have no willpower. It’s impossible to feel otherwise. It’s like having a little nagging person sitting in your head telling you that you will not succeed repeatedly. How are you supposed to feel good about yourself when someone (you) is constantly telling you that you have no reason to feel good about yourself.

In addition, since many of us are emotional eaters, our feelings can have a major impact over whether or not we lose weight. Therefore, in order to succeed, follow the golden rule:

If it makes you feel good about yourself, then affirm it

And be sure to do so with emotion!

4. Affirmations Allow You To Ignore The Unhelpful People

It doesn’t matter what other people believe about you, it only matters what you believe. If you believe that you can succeed at your weight loss goals, then that is what will push you forward to success. You are the biggest influence on the direction you take with your weight loss.

Weight loss affirmations help you to believe in yourself even when others are whispering sweet doubts in your ear. They say, “You can’t!” and instead of listening to them you affirm, “Yes, I can!”

It is important to remember that everyone has their own set of affirmations that they tell themselves based on their history and experiences. For each of them, they are right, but that doesn’t mean that they are right for you. Develop your own affirmations take get your juices flowing and describe who you want to be, how you want to look, and how you want to feel.

5. Weight Loss Affirmations, Remove The Negative Words

One big obstacle in achieving our weight loss goals is negative self-talk, or the negative words that we use when we think about ourselves. For example, it’s hard to work out for an hour straight when you tell yourself that you can’t do it. However, positive affirmations that contain the words ‘can’ and ‘will’ give you motivation to exercise and to keep going forward with your plan.

If you watch professional trainers, you will notice that they constantly tell their clients, “You CAN do this!” after their client says they can’t. The trainers are trying to instill positive affirmations in their clients, because they know that they work.

In the end, weight loss affirmations are an important tool, a key to your success. You can buy all the right food, join a gym, and count calories, but you must also learn to tell yourself that you are going to succeed, and believe it, for if you make a habit of doing so your success is guaranteed.

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