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Moroccan Argan Oil

Argan Oilfrom Kandala Natural Health and Beauty Products –

Argan oil is a widely celebrated body and hair oil. It contains high levels of essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants which are building blocks and strengthening elements for the human body and hair.

The oil is derived from the Argan tree which is native to Morocco. Kandala Argan Oil is extracted from the fruit of the tree using a mechanical process (preferable to the hand-press method) without heat to ensure the highest quality.

Argan has become very popular as a hair conditioner. It moisturizes your hair without weighing it down; it strengthens the hair and prevent split ends and breakage.

Argan oil is also very effective for moisturizing and rejuvenating your skin. The anti-oxidants, which are abundant in argan oil, are powerful elements that fight free radicals responsible for the aging of the skin as well as supports the skin regenerating itself.

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While many cosmetics contain argan oil as one ingredient of many, Kandala Argan Oil is 100% pure argan oil. It does not contain any preservatives, fragrances or alcohol – substances harmful to you and yet found in most beauty products.

Trust in a high quality brand – Kandala Argan Oil

– certified organic
– 100% pure
– cold-pressed
– preservative and alcohol-free

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