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Arthritis Relief Essential Oil Blend

arthritis relief essential oilfrom Kandala Natural Health and Beauty Products –

Now available – Kandala Joint Comfort Essential Oil Blend which has been carefully crafted to help the body manage pain, swelling and stiffness of the joints

Containing the natural ingredients lavandin, birch, rosemary, pine needle, and frankincense, this superb blend of essential oils has powerful agents that stimulate the body to improve circulation, which helps reduce swelling, prevent the breakdown of cartilage, sooth muscles, and reduce the sensation of pain.

Learn more about the benefits of Kandala Arthritis Relief Essential Oil Blend

Less pain and better mobility will permit and encourage you to move your body – critical to maintain a healthy body weight, range of motion and flexibility.

Kandala Arthritis Relief Essential Oil Blend is therapeutic-grade. Strict quality standards guarantee that the product is pure and of high potency. No additives, preservatives or alcohol are added and the herbs and ingredients in this essential oil blend are organically grown and are non-GMO.

      Get relief today with this exceptional product!

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